For taxidermists and those with a collection of mounted birds, we offer a specialist trip that will enable them obtain a variety of new species. Iceland is the ideal location for such an expedition for there is a broad range of wildfowl and sea birds that share the same shooting season. Our first such trip took place last winter made up from a group of four taxidermists, each of whom was delighted in being able to gather between 10 and 12 new subjects.

The purpose of this type of trip is that the client can shoot an example of as many different species as required for their collection. This entails quite a lot of travelling, as we will visit several different places around the country in four or five days. For those who are seeking sea birds, we have the 25ft launch Somi 800 from which to shoot birds found offshore. At the end of the trip we have all export certificates prepared and ready, enabling you to take home your trophy capes. You are linked to the list of quarry species one is allowed to shoot in Iceland. From this you will be able to advise us which species would be of interest to you and a trip can then be organised around these requirements.

1931283_10207879183553721_5007481679620815783_nLocation: Various locations in south and west Iceland. This trip involves multiple destinations which the guide has scouted beforehand
Hunting season: September 1st- March 15th.
Prime time: January – March