More and more foreign visitors are finding out about the thrills of shooting our ‘white grouse’, it is truly one of the finest a wing shooting in the world..

The shooting season is short and runs from 1st of November to 30th November ( To be confirmed ). Good level of fitness is required as the hunters will spend most of the day climbing on foot along steep hills and valleys and on to the high mountain tops in search of Ptarmigan. But when it gets later in November and the weather changes, the first snows fall to produce a heavy cover of snow on the mountains. This forces the birds to find food and shelter in the lower lying valleys and patches of scrub birch and whilst the hunters are still required to do a considerable amount of walking, the terrain is not as steep or as arduous as might be expected in the early half of the season..

Daylight also plays a big part in deciding when to hunt. In October there is daylight from about 08.00 a.m. to 18.30 hrs / 6:30 p.m.

Shooting is sold as a five-day package that includes four days shooting. Clients will be picked up by our staff on arrival at Keflavík International airport and driven to the shooting area and lodge. Days two, three and four are taken up with shooting. On day five, the final day, clients will shoot before returning to Reykjavík in the evening. Whilst on the area each pair of hunters will be accompanied by a guide who has a 4WD vehicle and a dog for picking-up.

Season: November ( Hunting days issued by the Government in September each year )

Day 1: Departure from Reykjavík at 15:00 hrs, arriving at the hunting lodge that evening.
Day 2: Shooting from the morning until the afternoon.
Day 3: Same.
Day 4: Same.
Day 5: Same. Leaving the lodge in the evening to go to your Reykjavík hotel.
Day 6: After breakfast, departure from the hotel to the International airport for your flight home.

Prior to your arrival please submit the following data:Copy of your Passport, Full name and address, a photocopy of your local shotgun licence and local hunting licence. The type, make and serial number of your guns. This information is needed one month prior to your arrival.

Shooting equipment:

You are permitted to bring into the country semi-automatic or double-barrelled shotguns. The most effective calibre for ptarmigan shooting in Iceland is 12 gauge. For semi-automatic shotguns the maximum is three cartridges. All types of suitable cartridges may be bought in Reykjavik.

For such northerly latitudes the climate is surprisingly temperate with extreames in hot and cold uncommon, thanks to the influence of the warm Gulf Stream. The average temperature in October, November and December is around from -5°C / 23°F to 0°C / 32° F.

You should bring warm clothing, a Gore-Tex type windcheater, wool or thermal underwear and good walking boots.
We are looking forward to welcoming you in Iceland and please feel free to contact us at any time for any further information needed.

Join us for what is probably the best ptarmigan shooting in the world!


Accommodation is provided on a full board basis in either local hunting lodges or nearby hotels. depending on the best location for each trip.