Hunting in Greenland

Musk Ox hunting in Greenland

The best-known game of hunting in Greenland is the indigenous Greenland Musk Ox (Ovibos moschatus wardi), sometimes called White-faced Musk Ox or Umingmak by the Inuits, meaning the bearded one. The Musk Ox is closely related to goats but has its own genus, Ovibos (sheep ox in Latin)

These seemingly huge animals with long haired, thick and dark brown to black coats have impressive trophies with a high scarcity value. Hunting this ancient game species in the rough but fascinating landscape of Greenland is an experience that enthuses every hunter.

Mature bulls stand from 110 cm to 150 cm high at the shoulder and weigh between 300 kg and 400 kg. Horns of mature bulls reach lengths of

50 cm to 65 cm. Muskoxen are hard to bring down, and hunters are advised to use calibers from 30-06 and larger with heavy bullets.

Musk Ox hunting in Greenland

Arrival day

Arrive in Narsarsuaq, Greenland. Our representative will welcome hunters at the airport and sail with them to LAX-Á Camp, ca. 3 hours. Please note, if flights arrive late in the evening an overnight stay in town might be required.

Hunting days

Hunters track the coastline of the many islands with their guide until they spot their trophy. When the hunter has taken his trophy, the rest of the time can be spent on Arctic Char fishing or other activities. If available, hunters to purchase another trophy paid either beforehand or directly in camp.

Breakfast and dinner are served at the lodge each day, but while hunting we offer lunch boxes. We do recommend our guests to take some time while in Greenland off and do some sightseeing in the area. For further information on available tours, please turn to LAX-Á staff.

Departure day

Breakfast and preparation for departure. If time allows, guests can fish for Arctic Char before transfer to Narsarsuaq Airport.


The Lax-á camp is located on the coast of Southwest Greenland which is the most accessible and most traveled to point in Greenland. Whether our guests seek solitude, new friendship or want to share a memorable trip with friends or family, Lax-á´s Greenland Camp is the destination.  The camp is first and foremost built for hunting and fishing but is also the perfect destination for nature walks, exploring the wildlife and the wilderness, experiencing the endless fjords, glaciers and all the magnificent beauty of Greenland

Detailed Itinerary

We fly 3 hours from Reykjavik, Iceland to Narsarsuaq, Greenland. A perfect oppertunity to make a combo tour of these two Northern destinations!

The hunting season is from end of July – throughout September. There is an option of 3/4/6 or 7 night’s stay (or even longer), based on the flight schedule for the Narsarsuaq flight from Reykjavik. The 6 night’s stay is only possible in July and August.

Arrival day (day 1)
Depart from Reykjavik, Iceland at 14:45, arrive in Narsarsuaq, Greenland at 15:45, local time ( to be confirmed ).  Our representative will welcome hunters at the airport and take by boat, on a very scenic 2 and half hour boat ride. There will either be a short stopover in the village of Narsaq where hunters can stock up on personal supplies (toiletries, beverages) or this can be done upon arrival in Narsarsuaq. It is also a possibility to take helicopter transfers between Narsarsuaq and the Lax-á camp for an additional fee, takes 30 minutes. When arriving at the camp the guides and the staff welcome the hunters with a hot dinner. In the evening hunters settle into the camp. If they wish, they can go to the nearest river and fish until nightfall.

Hunting – and fishing (day 2,3,4,5,6… – depends on the length of the stay)
Hunters hunt the whole coastline with their guide until they spot the right trophy that they desire to take. Breakfast and dinner is served at the lodge, but while hunting, lunch packages will be brought. When the hunter has taken his trophy, the rest of the time can be spent fishing. It is also possible for the hunter to take another trophy, paid either beforehand or directly on the spot. Other hunting/shooting is also available upon request. We do recommend that anglers take some time off to go on sightseeing around the area. Some can be arranged by the local guides but some have to be booked in advance. Please turn to the staff at Lax-á for further assistance.

Departure day (day 4,5, 7 or 8…)
Breakfast and preparation for departure. Transfer to Narsarsuaq airport. Check-in latest at 15:30, flight departure from Narsarsuaq to Reykjavik at 16:30, arrival at 21:30 local time in Iceland ( To be confirmed ). At Reykjavik airport our driver welcome you in Iceland and take you to a hotel of your choice.

Please bear in mind, in Greenland nature prevails and the time can be irrelevant. Due to these conditions it is not always possible to be in full control of the time planning and therefore flexibility is important. Safety is always our main concern.

• Welcoming at arrival in Greenland
• Transportation by boats according to the itinerary
• Full board and lodging at the Lax-á camp, shared cabin
• 1 guide to every 2 hunter
• All hunting and fishing licenses in Greenland
• 1 Musk ox trophy
• All paperwork for importing rifles and ammunition to Greenland


The camp

In the summer of 2012, Lax-á erected the first proper hunting- and fishing camp on the Southwest Coast of Greenland, the first ever permanent   hunting-and fishing camp in Greenland. A total of twelve sleeping cabins (twin bed) built around a dining lodge with plenty of room for bigger groups.
The dining lodge is equipped with a kitchen, a gas BBQ and a charcoal     BBQ. Meals are prepared by the camp chef – most of the menu originates in area (caribou meat, arctic char and fish from the sea). The camp has running water, WC, showers, sauna, BBQ and a fully equipped kitchen.  All this and still a wilderness camp – equates to a really a unique experience!

 • Located in South West Greenland

• 3 hours by boat from Narsarsuaq

• 30 minutes by helicopter

• Built in 2012

• 12 cabins, 24 beds

• Made up beds and towels

• Full equipped kitchen

• Sea- and mountain view

• Outdoor area with terraces

• BBQ’s and open fire

• Fishing, hunting and sightseeing

• Outdoor and wilderness camp with all modern facilities

• Shared bathroom facilities; 6 WC, 4 showers
• Sauna

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