There is big interest for Musk Ox hunt in Greenland now and we are almost sold out for 2018. But do to cancelation we have few spots now available in the West Coast of Greenland ( wooden Camp ) for the 2018 season:

The last available Musk Ox tags in Greenland are:

  • 17 – 20th of August 1 Musk Ox available
  • 20 – 23rd of August 2 Musk Ox available
  • 23 – 27th of August 1 Musk Ox available
  • 7th to 11th September 2 Musk Ox available


The best-known game of Greenland is the indigenous Greenland Musk Ox (Ovibos moschatus wardi), sometimes called White faced Musk Ox or Umingmak by the Inuits, meaning the bearded one. The Musk Ox is closely related to goats but has its own genus, Ovibos (sheep ox in Latin) These seemingly huge animals with long haired, thick and dark brown to black coats have impressive trophies with a high scarcity value. Hunting this ancient game species in the rough but fascinating landscape of Greenland is an experience that enthuses every hunter. Mature bulls stand from 110 cm to 150 cm high at the shoulder and weigh between 300 kg and 400 kg. Horns of mature bulls reach lengths of 50 cm to 65 cm. Muskoxen are hard to bring down, and hunters are advised to use calibers from 30-06 and larger with heavy bullets.


Arrival in Kangarlussuaq day before the hunt. Stay one night in a hotel in Kangarlussuaq ( Included ). Helicopter flight ( Included ) to the camp early next morning. In the camp there is information meeting and also possibilities to take test shots of the riffle if needed. The hunt starts out the same day. The hunt is by foot, but there will also be some transportation by rubber boat on the lakes. Often the Musk Ox is spotted from the small boat. The guides are raised within the Greenlandic culture, and they now everything about the behaviour of the animals.

Greenland has a big stock of Musk Ox. In the Kangarlussuaq area there are about 4 – 5.000 animals living in an area which is unfenced. Vegetation and food supplies in general are excellent in this area. Which means that the Musk Ox grow to a size 15% bigger than other placecs in Greenland.

There is a possibility of an extra Musk Ox trophy at reasonable price if hunter is keen of taking two trophies. Extention of the trip is possible at Lax-a camp on the south coast of Greenland for taking 1 – 2 Caribou Trophies and fishing for Arctic char.

For further information on a availability contact Karl Steinar Óskarsson at +354 531 6105