Goose hunt in Iceland

Geese shooting in Iceland

Goose hunt in Iceland is a great adventure.  From 2012 on wards Lax-a has managed 500 hectares of corn fields on the south coast of Iceland, right in the middle of the major territory of the Gray Lag and the Pink Foot Goose.

Barnacle Geese that come from Greenland can be in big numbers as well but not as reliable as the Gray Lag and Pink Foot geese. Late season is best for Barnacle Geese – middle of October to middle November. This operation will guarantee you the highest expectation of Geese shooting. Well managed by highly professional guides that put all year around effort in to it so you will succeed when you come and shoot with us.

First class lodge, great food, professional guides, best possible shooting areas will secure that you will have a great trip with us.  

Our aim is to hear from you on your way to the airport for departure home  is … see you next year .. Same dates please!

Geese shooting in Iceland

Iceland is a major breeding and stopover territory for several species of geese, including the grey lag, pink foot and barnacle, which are the species that may be hunted.

The gray lag and pink foot use the ample space to nest and raise their young far away from any disturbance. But as the summer draws to a close, the birds move from inland down to the coastal margins to feed and prepare for their flight south. The barnacles turn up at about the same time, having had an even shorter summer further north.

The season runs from 20th August (barnacle goose season begins on 25th of September) until 20th November.

The guides will supply all the necessary blinds, decoys and calls that are required. The shooting mostly takes place in the early mornings until noon. That leaves a big slice of the day free to look at other fun pastimes in the area.

The most productive time for shooting is the early morning. However, there are occasions when shooting all day is possible. Full board and lodging is included in the package, both accommodation and food is excellent in the East Ranga lodge.

A list of suggested clothing, footwear and shot size is supplied once the booking is made. The use of double barreled and semiautomatic shotguns is permitted in Iceland but the semi-automatic weapons should have a maximum three shot capacity. Our office can process all firearm importation documentation as required.


Geese shooting in Iceland


Location: South of Iceland, about 95 km from Reykjavik. Take Highway 1 South towards Selfoss. Drive through Selfoss towards Hella. Drive through Hella towards Hvolsvöllur.  A few hundred meters before Hvolsvöllur is a sign on your left hand side that says Eystri Rangá Veiðihús. Turn left at that sign and drive a few hundred meters and turn left where there is a fork on the road, then you see the lodge at your left hand side. The lodge is a complex, comprised of 8 buildings, combined with veranda.

Hunting season: August 20th to November 20th.
Prime time: October 1st  to November 10th
Average bag: 5-10 birds per gun
Shooting hours:
Early morning shoot, time pending on time of sunrise.
Guide: One per every four guns

Goose shooting itinerary:

Season: August 20 – November 20th.

Location: South Iceland, East Rangá lodge.

Day 1:
Welcoming at your arrival at the International airport in Iceland. Driving to Reykjavík and make a short stop at hunting store if needed. Departure from Reykjavík around noon, arrive at the hunting lodge in the afternoon.

Day 2:
Shooting in the early morning until lunch time or longer.

Day 3:
Same program.

Day 4:
Same programme.

Day 5:
Leave the lodge after the morning shoot and travel to Reykjavik hotel.

Day 6:
After breakfast our driver takes you to the International airport for departure back home.

Included in the package when you book with us:

·         All transportation Int. Airport – Reykjavík – shooting area – Reykjavík – Int. Airport.

·         Full board and lodging , private room to each gun.

·         Guiding , 4WD vehicle ,  One pr. every three ( 3 ) guns.

·         Our best shooting areas.

·         Certificates needed to take your birds out of the country.

Deposit: 50% confirmation deposit up on booking , final  payment 50% , 90 days prior to arrival.

Shooting equipment
You are permitted to bring into the country semi-automatic or double-barrelled shotguns. The most effective calibre for goose shooting in Iceland is 12 gauge. For semi-automatic shotguns the maximum is three cartridges. All types of suitable cartridges may be bought in Reykjavik.

Prior to your arrival please submit the following data: A photocopy of your local shotgun licence and local hunting licence and the type, make and serial number of your gun/s. This information is needed one month prior to your arrival.

For such northerly latitudes the climate is surprisingly temperate and is without extremes of hot and cold, thanks to the influence of the Gulf Stream. The average temperature in September in the south of Iceland is around 7°C / 44°F. In October November it is around 0°C / 32°F

In spite of the relatively mild climate, you should bring warm clothing and, most importantly, quality rain wear and a windcheater. Please note: in the early morning while awaiting the arrival of the geese, temperatures may be below zero and one should dress accordingly.

* Please not there is plenty of activity in Iceland for non – hunting companions, such as , whale watching ,horse riding , snow mobile , sightseeing and more? please contact our office for further information.


Barnacle goose, Pink footed Goose, Grey lag goose.

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Our lovely 770 sqm exclusive fishing lodge centrally located at the river offering a panoramic view of the spectacular snow-capped volcano Hekla. The lodge complex is comprised of 8 buildings, all combined with 1500 sqm veranda, Jacuzzi and sauna.

Guests are accommodated in tastefully furnished double rooms with a private bath. One main building houses with the kitchen and spacious dining area where gourmet meals are served.

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