banchory-lodge-river-deeScotland is the home of salmon fishing and its famous rivers attract anglers from all over the world. Anyone who has mastered the art of speycasting will want to visit the Spey. Those seeking the river that now catches the most Atlantic salmon in the world, will find it in Scotland, but don’t forget that there is yet another that catches the most spring fish.

Scotland has some of the most prolific salmon rivers in the world. Lax-á covers the top rivers such as Dee, Tay, Tweed, south and noth Esk and Thurso. Who wouldn´t want to fish in a magnificent scenery with highland glen and lowland pasture.

You fish amongst castles & historic houses, old 18th century classic gardens and last but not least you can enjoy all the local whisky distilleries. We have to offer quality accommodation, local cuisine and transport. Many of the Scottish beats are priced very reasonable, as for an exaample the Dee river is a very good value for your money.

Most beats employ a ghillie of some sort. He may be part- or full-time and on larger beats there may be more than one (with one designated as the head ghillie). On the larger Tweed beats, a ghillie is often referred to as a ‘boatman’.

The ghillie’s job is to show you the water when you arrive, advise you on likely spots where fish may lie and the best tackle to use. You will then visit you from time to time during the day to see how you are getting on..

On some beats, the ghillie may stay with you for some or all of the day and if boats are available he may row you if it will increase your chances of catching a fish. Gillies are also responsible for making sure that you fish within the law and in compliance with relevant conservation agreements. Most can also assist with some casting tuition, but if this is required, please make sure you have spoken to the ghillie in advance..

All you have to do is simply purchase the right to fish for the relevant number of rods and days on the beat of your choice. A ‘rod’ is a Scottish term used to describe an angler, so taking two rods for a day entitles two individuals to fish..

There are no other fishery licences required in Scotland, so all you have to do is to ring the ghillie a few days before you are due to fish (details are given on your booking confirmation), find out what tackle you will need to take with you, and then turn up at the appointed time and place..Having a great lunch on the river side , these moments are some of the best of the holiday and really memorable and true stories are often told during these lunch break..

Some days where hot and went up to 20°C , we found this pig relaxing and enjoying the day. They seem to find the best spots..

Our home at the Dee, Banchory Lodge Hotel , situated 20 meters from the river bank.. You can check the water level before breakfast.. Great accommodation, local cuisine and great selection of wines..