A Typical hunting day in Greenland

When you step out of the aircraft and take your first breath of the Greenlandic air, you know that you are in the right place. The mountains around you create amazing scenery along with the enormous glacier on the horizon. South Greenland is truly the place to be.

With the first Viking settlements of Greenland across the bay from the harbor you start your journey towards Lax-á Camp. The two and a half hour boat ride to the camp is made enjoyable by the beautiful green ocean, stunning icebergs and the small towns on the way.

When you’re entering the beautiful bay of Kugssuaanguaq you see the Lax-a Camp located in the corner. The staff greets you on the dock and welcomes you with a proper dinner in the evening. During dinner you discuss the upcoming days with the professional guides and then you might visit the sauna or enjoy the fireplace before going to bed.

A typical morning in Lax-a Camp. You step in to the lodge and smell the breakfast cooking, coffee and the homemade bread. Soon you are ready for your first day in Greenland and now the true adventure begins…

We go by boat to look for the trophies in the our hunting area. The local guide shares his knowledge on the area and navigates along the rough landscape of Greenland.


You spot an animal that catches your attention and quickly you are on your approach towards it. The reindeers in Greenland are very shy and they run if they see you or smell you. Both you and your guide agree that it is a true trophy and you are getting ready to shot. Carefully your pulling the trigger and your heart stops for a second. You see that the reindeer goes down and you fell a rush of happiness. As you walk towards the animal you see what a fantastic trophy it is.

The guide takes care of the animal and you are soon on your way back to the Lax-a camp. On your way back the guide picks up some drift ice so that you may enjoy a cold and refreshing drink when you arrive to camp.

Awaiting you near the camp is the Homewater. Conveniently located just few minutes away from the camp the guide happily takes you for a fishing adventure after dinner, or you relax and enjoy the beautiful evening in camp.

The choice is yours.

For questions and available spots, please contact: Johann David –  jds@lax-a.is